Love Injection Fanzine 01 (Digital Download)

$ 2.00

Most Excellent Unltd presents Love Injection: A New York-based dance music fanzine. 8.5 x 11” high quality black and white printing, 20 pages. Edition of 300. Participating contributors and artists include Paul Nickerson & Francis Engelhardt (Dope Jams), Mike Servito (The Bunker), Neil Aline, James Friedman (Throne of Blood Records), Nathaniel Jay (Love Notes from Brooklyn), Jesse Rudoy, Nate Turbow, JDH & Dave P (Fixed), Anthony Parasole (The Corner, Ostgut Ton), Toshi Moriguchi (DJ Monchan). Designed by Paul Raffaele.

Note: This is a digital PDF download, not a physical sale! The physical version is free, and available at the following record & book shops:

Academy Records Annex (Greenpoint, BK), A-1 Records, (Lower East Side, NYC), Spoonbill & Sugartown Books (Williamsburg, BK), Rough Trade (Williamsburg, BK), Ear Wax Records (Williamsburg, BK), Co-Op87 Records (Greenpoint, BK), Other Music (East Village, NYC), Northern Lights Records (Bed-Stuy, BK), Turntable Lab, (Lower East Side)

... and more soon.

Join us at the release party Thursday February 12 at Battery Harris in Brooklyn.RSVP Here.

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